Since the pandemic began, people who exercise in gyms or studios have had to adopt different ways to stay fit and online classes became part of the new normal. While they may not offer the social experience of the actual Pilates studio or gym, there are many undeniable benefits to it:

Flexible Timing

Traffic conditions, heavy work commitments, tight deadlines – there are among the common reasons some find it difficult to stick to a regular schedule at the gym. Online classes let you navigate your way around all those obstacles and plan your workout time according to your timetable. Somersault Online send out daily recordings, so even if you miss the live session, you can catch up in your own time.

Convenient and Easy Access

All you need is a digital device, WiFi, and a small space to move around in. That means you can work out just about anywhere and can also have frequent changes of environment to suit your comfort level or mood – stay indoors if it’s hot outside, head outdoors when the weather is balmy.

Wide Range Of Offerings

Instead of attending the same classes each time, online workouts open up a world of possibilities in terms of classes, trainers, and learning styles. You are bound to find something to suit your mood or interest. Somersault Online offers both Pilates & weight-training sessions.

Privacy To Experiment with your body

Have you ever wanted to try out weight training but found that section of the gym too intimidating? With online workouts, you are in your private space with only your trainer watching you, so you are free to stretch your limits and explore how far you can push things. There is no reason to feel intimidated or worry about how others see you. Somersault Online keeps all the sessions small so that your teacher can offer form corrections as needed.

Best Of Both Worlds

There’s something to be said for exercising in a group (the synergy, sense of accountability) just as there are benefits to working out solo (the mindfulness, the connection with your inner self). Virtual workout is a combination of both: You are part of a group sweating it out at the same time, but in the privacy of your own space. But choose a small group where the trainer can see your movement patterns. If there are over 24 people in your group, you may not even be on the trainers Zoom screen! Look for sessions (like Somersault) with less that 10 participants in each session. 

At Somersault Online you get professional advice in small group sessions plus a daily email with motivation and recordings to either repeat or catch up in your own time.

  • It’s more flexible. There’s never enough time in the day, is there?
  • Communication is easy as Justine is always available to answer questions or chat. Its like having a personal trainer without the cost that would incur in real life.
  • You get attention and motivation.
  • It’s more affordable. Much more affordable!
  • The results are the same. Or perhaps even better because now you have more time to exercise and waste less time in traffic.
  • You can wear whatever you like. Many of my clients wear slippers while they warm up! Just come as you are.