Clark Gardner

Vanessa and I have remained with Justine and Somersault over many years as we enjoy working out with her. Justine is professional and an expert at what she does. I have recently added a weekly weight training session with her. We enjoy the variations, preparation and...


I really appreciate your conscientious and careful teaching. As a teacher, I am always grateful when someone teaches me well. I never take it for granted. Thank you.


I cannot believe it has been a full year! I’ve really loved the Pilates journey and appreciate the time and effort (and all the words!) you put into each and every session. So THANK YOU! One day I will be able to keep my legs perpendicular to the floor!


I just wish I knew how you manage to put your foot on the ball while lying down and keeping it still while putting your weight on it… mine wobbles all over the place! Sometimes I wonder how you manage to keep a straight face watching some of us!


I am so happy to be able to do Pilates from the comfort of my own home now. It was always a struggle to get to classes and now that is not an obstacle anymore! The pandemic surely has brought advantages, together with all its disadvantages. Appreciate the hard work...